Today as I was searching through my old computer files, trying to bring some order to the 1tb of chaos that lies within my hard drive, I came across a file titled ‘My beautiful baby sister’. It was the piece I wrote to read out at her 21st birthday, almost 6 years ago. This weekend my sister and her boyfriend unlock the doors to their home together, here on the Gold Coast. For the past 18 years my sister and I have lived a 9+hr drive apart (more like 12-13 when breastfeeding a new born) and in a few short weeks she will be here, closer than ever, only a 5min drive away and I am soooo excited, as are Beau and Isla. So, I thought, with her permission, what a perfect time to share this piece with you.

Love your siblings, squeeze them tight, say sorry and say thank you.

Enjoy the read,

Love Zoe. xox


My beautiful baby sister, all I ever wanted as a little girl was to have a little sister and then on the 15th May 1991 my wish came true. And I was so proud. So proud of my cute little sister.  Now 21 years later as we celebrate your birthday there’s a few things I need to thank you for, and apologise for…

Sorry for poking you so you’d wake up when you were a baby sleeping in your cot.

Sorry for not checking if you needed to go to the toilet first before taking you up to the top of the rocket ship in Moura and you wet your pants and sorry for getting angry at you about it.

Sorry for dressing you up as baby spice and for testing out my makeup and hair style ideas on you.

Sorry for shaving my legs while you were having a bath.

Sorry for changing the channel on the tv so I could watch Heartbreak High and hopefully you wouldn’t notice you were missing out on Harry’s Practice.

Sorry for yelling at you when you were playing with my phone that time and you accidentally called someone.

Sorry for paying you out when you spent your pocket money on the CD Single ‘Why does it always rain on me’ by Travis.

And I am really sorry for the time you came to stay and we were in Woolworths and I pretended you had nits and you got really embarrassed and cried… I never meant to make you cry and I feel really terrible.


Thank you for always looking up to me and for always wanting to come and visit me.

Thank you for lending me your clothes and sorry for stretching them.

Thank you for thinking my old red 1995 model Festy was the coolest and for wanting to go cruising around Yeppoon in my car with the music on the windows down when I’d drive up to visit.

Thank you for inventing the cow dance and performing it on the front lawn in Moura.

Thank you for drawing me pictures while I was at boarding school.

Thank you for coming and staying at my place for schoolies – after that experience there’s no way my kids are going to schoolies!

Thank you for being such a thoughtful and fun aunty to Beau and Isla and for teaching Beau that old MacDonald had a sloth on his farm and apparently it goes…..

But most of all …Thank you for being a great baby sister, for your company, your laughter and your love. Welcome to the world of ‘Old’ people. Love ya Bazz!